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18/07/2019  Man Utd: Mason Greenwood could start Premier League opener, says Solskjaer


In the green room after the Bahrain Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton turned to Charles Leclerc, from whom the world champion had inherited victory when the Ferrari driver suffered an engine problem in the closing laps.
"You drove great this weekend, man," Hamilton said. "You really drove fantastic. You've got a long old future ahead of you. I know it sucks in this moment but you've got a long, long way to go."
A few minutes earlier, after drawing to a halt in the pit lane, Leclerc had paused in the middle of hauling himself out of the car. He hung on to the halo head-protection device, his head low. He climbed out, despondent, took off his helmet, accepted the commiserations of his team-mate Sebastian Vettel. Leclerc put his hands over his face, composed himself, then, wearing a resigned expression, raised an arm to the cheers of the crowd.