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18/08/2017  Tarbiyyah Project for Kids



Giving exposure to children towards upholding the sunnah or tradition of the Messenger of Allah in entrepreneurship and creating awareness on Allah the Almighty were among the objectives of "The Green Deen Entrepreneurship" Program. The 5-day program that began last Wednesday was part of the "Tarbiyyah Project for Kids".


Out a charity sale in the Bandarku Ceria program.  According to Dayang Siti Rafeah binti Serbini, Chairperson of the Tarbiyyah Project for Kids, Entrepreneur or Al-Mughni is among the 99 beautiful names of Allah.  She also cited the Messenger of Allah's life as an entrepreneur as an inspiration for the children to become entrepreneurs.  


The participants were made up of children aged five years old and above.  Various activities were held throughout the program including exposure towards understanding the greatness of Allah the Almighty, the life of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam and the entrepreneurship skills of the Messenger of Allah.  Other activities included arts and crafts, short zikir and exposure to simple Arabic words.  Several of the young participants shared their experience in the program and were excited to sell their products.


The Tarbiyyah project is the first scientific program in the country with the aim to enhance the children's spiritual awareness and moral ethics through the 'Pray and Play' approach.  Tarbiyyah means developing skills and abilities to become an efficient and productive Muslim.  During the five days of the program, participants were taught basic Islamic entrepreneurship, social awareness, creativity and charity.