The Examinations Department has released the results of the  Brunei-Cambridge G.C.E. 'A', 'AS' and 'O' Levels and International General Certificate of Secondary Education, IGCSE, May and June 2013 exams.

According to the department, 230 or 62.96% of the 656 candidates who took the G.C.E 'A' Level examinations achieved at least one 'A' Level pass. From the total 35.06% of the candidates gained at least two 2 'A' Levels. The achievement among schools reached 44.05%, while it was 29.46% among private candidates.

In the Brunei Cambridge G.C.E 'AS' Level examinations, 2 thousand four hundred sixty of the 2 thousand and seven hundred eighty six or 83 point three zero% passed in at least 1 'AS' Level subject, or an increase of 0.58% over the results for June 2012. 962 or 70.42% achieved 2 'AS' Level passes.  That's up by 3.91% over the previous year.  Schools achievement reached 70.74%.  It increased by 3.91% over June 2012.

In the Brunei-Cambridge G.C.E. 'O' Levels examinations, from the 2572 candidates, not including those who took only one or two subjects, 691 or 26.87% of the candidates had at least 3 'O' level passes.  That's an increase of 2.64%.  The achievement among schools was 31.21percent. This includes 29 point seven zero%, or an increase of 3.72% among government schools.

373 candidates or 14 point five zero% achieved at least 4 'O' levels. While school candidates achievement reached 14.74%. This includes 16.56% among government schools or an increase of 2.36%. Overall the number of candidates who achieved 5 'O' levels and more is 181 or 7.04%, whereby the achievement among schools candidates is 8.32%, an increase of 0.71%. 0.78% had 8 to 9 'O' level passes.

Candidates can take the result slips from their schools, while private candidates can collect the slips from the Examinations Department, the Ministry of Education during office hours.

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