The Minister at the Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister of Finance in his adjournment speech called for all parties to be united in together helping the government alleviate the burden caused by the economic downturn. This includes reducing the government's subsidy by settling arrears which currently amounts to around $461,000,000.00 dollars.

Yang Berhormat Pehin said that most basic facilities and needs have been provided by the government in the form of subsidies, where the government's actual spending is higher than the payments charged to recipients or consumers. Yang Berhormat Pehin added that the amount of arrears from consumers comprising the private sector and the public to government agencies is still very high and currently stands at $461,000,000.00. These arrears, if settled, will be able to reduce the government's spending liabilities in covering the operational needs for service provisions and improve the service standards according to current requirements.

Touching on the enforcement of customs duty amendments on several goods effective 1st of April, Yang Berhormat Pehin urged vendors not to misuse this opportunity to gain excessive profits. The review and update to the excise duty rates, Yang Berhormat Pehin said, aims to reach several objectives in improving the socio-economy of citizens and residents in the country. Among the objectives are to alleviate the expenses burden of low-income groups, increase the level of safety for road users, encourage domestic demands, control the use of products which can jeopardise public health, reduce business costs and others. These measures are taken in line with the continuous efforts by His Majesty's government in ensuring the wellbeing of the country's citizens and residents continue to be safeguarded and improved upon from time to time. Yang Berhormat Pehin reminded that if the price of goods are not in accordance with the custom tax amendments, the government through the relevant agencies will not hesitate to take appropriate action.