The News Centre of Radio Television Brunei is a major provider of domestic news to Bruneians. News Programmes are relayed through radio networks and both domestic and satellite television channels. According to the audience surveys conducted by reputable audience research firms that were tasked by RTB, news programmes are the most popular Programme amongst television audience.

RTB's prime news is Berita Nasional in Malay which aired at 8 p.m and News At Ten in English at 10 p.m. The duration of Berita Nasional was used to be 15 to 30 minutes, and now the bulletin is 45 minutes in length, covering both local and international news. News At Ten is a 30 minute news bulletin.

Over the years, RTB news has included special regular reports from Hong Kong, Singapore and Ottawa, Canada. Weekly Consumer News has also attracted a good following among its audience. Special reports from RTB's political desk covers key current topics in regional and international political development.

RTB dispatches news crew anywhere in the world to cover important trips of the His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Dipertuan Of Brunei Darussalam. Pictures are sent instantly to Brunei either live or delay telecast by using satellite.

The News Centre of RTB has also played a key role in the regional broadcasting cooperation. It is a member of the Asiavision, a news exchange mechanism under the umbrella of the Asia-Pacific broadcasting Union. The Asiavision operation was moved from Kuala Lumpur to Brunei Darussalam during APEC 2000 Summit and the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting in July 2002. The News Centre of RTB is the coordinator of the ASEAN Television News Exchange, a project under ASEAN.