Passing Out Parade

In the context of national security and safety, the youth play an important and instrumental role in creating a conducive atmosphere to enable the implementation of national development and progress initiatives. Thus, upholding law's sovereignty should be prioritised to ensure that duties and responsibilities are carried out with full integrity and fairness. The Permanent Secretary for Security and Law at the Prime Minister's Office said the matter on 9th December morning, at the Passing Out Parade of 169th Intake of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces Male Recruits and 57th Intake of female recruits.

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Conversion Ceremony

From January until November 2022, 400 new converts have been recorded nationwide. The number of new converts in the country has increased further after two families and a Dusun woman recited their Islamic Oath on 9th December afternoon.

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Integrity at Work

Islam teaches the ummah to always safeguard their morals and integrity. Islam also forbids the ummah from neglecting their responsibilities, insincere in carrying out their duties, untrustworthy in conveying secrets related to work, misbehaving in their duties which may lead to violations of rules and laws and result in criminal offences such as corruption. These were among the matters highlighted in yesterday's Friday Sermon titled Integrity at Work.

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Digitalisation of Electricity and Water Services

Implementation of the Unified Smart Metering System Project, USMS makes it easier for electricity and water users to top up credit without physical card and manual key-in. The method can be done online via phone and retail shops in the future. The replacement of the meter is currently carried out by DST Network Sendirian Berhad.

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'Ke Kampung Kitani' Programme

The Tree Planting for the Green Protocol Programme is one of the programmes included in the Temburong District Office's initiative programme namely 'Ke Kampung Kitani'. The Green Protocol programme took place on 9th December morning, at Kampung Sibut Community Hall Area in Temburong.

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Maghrib Lecture

Kampung Sibut Religious Hall Takmir Committee in collaboration with the Youths as well as Kampung Sibut and Sumbiling Consultative Council, Temburong District organised 'Kuliah Maghrib Kem Usrah Belia' or Youth Camp Maghrib Lecture. The lecture also touched that among the seven people Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala will give His Shade on Kiamat or Day during Day of Resurrection are: a just ruler; a youth who grew up with the worship of Allah and a person whose heart is attached to the mosques.

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Girl Guides Village Closing Ceremony

To produce skilled and courageous participants in activities either as a group or individually, the Ministry of Education through the Uniformed and Community Services Unit, Department of Co-Curriculum Education in collaboration with the Brunei Darussalam Girl Guides Association organised the Girl Guides, Rangers and Brownies Village. The 2-day event ended on 9th December afternoon, with a Closing Ceremony.

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Youth Entrepreneurship Bazaar

Various activities are arranged to enliven the Youth Entrepreneurship Bazaar held for 3 days until this Sunday at the Tutong Sports Complex. With the theme of Youth Carnival and Tutong Community, the Bazaar was held in conjunction with the 17th National Youth Day Celebration.

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The Daily status of the COVID-19 New Normal

Two cases are in Category 5, requiring treatment at the Intensive Care Unit.

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Donation Presentation

Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group, BBCSG received a donation amounting of one thousand one hundred and five dollars from Jerudon Park Medical Centre, JPMC from the 'Eat Healthy With Us' event held on 25th of November.

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