24/11/2022  Special Attention Should Be Paid To Stop Russia's Missile Industry


​A new humanitarian inter-agency convoy arrived in Kherson, Ukraine. Speaking to reporters in New York, UN Deputy Spokesperson Farhan Haq said, that it was the second inter-agency convoy to Kherson in one week, following the mission that entered the city last Monday, less than 72 hours after it was retaken by the Government of Ukraine.


He added that 13-truck convoy prioritized the most urgent humanitarian needs of the more than 100 thousand people who remain in the city. People in Kherson are facing tremendous challenges in accessing food, water, electricity, heating, and health care. Haq said that recent attacks on the city and other areas of the Kherson region, might lead to further needs. The convoy also brought supplies for surgery, chronic diseases, and trauma, as most health centres lack essential medicines and medical supplies.