30/12/2022  'Ke Temburong Bisai' Recreational Sports



The "Ke Temburong Bisai" Programme was filled with Recreational Sports activity at the Civic Centre Field in Bangar Town. The event was held on 30th December, to further increase the community's participation and unity in the district aside from to develop its socioeconomy.


Conducted by the Mukim and Village Consultative Councils of Temburong District with the cooperation of the Temburong District Office, such an activity is an initiative to fill the school holiday season and also become a platform to provide an opportunity for family to carry out recreational activity. On 31st December 2022, the 'Ke Temburong Bisai' Programme will be filled with a Charity Walkathon event for the Temburong District Orphan Fund organised by the Temburong District Orphan Donation Fund Committee.