18/03/2023  Sustainable Environmental Management



After approving the Ministry of Religious Affairs' budget allocation, the session heard an introduction on the proposed budget allocation of approximately three hundred and thirty four million dollars for the Ministry of Development and departments under it. Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Muhammad Juanda bin Haji Abdul Rashid, Minister of Development in his introduction among other matters shared the ministry is committed in providing public service infrastructures in supporting the country's socio-economic needs. These include focusing on asset maintenance and environmental management.


The Minister said, firstly it aims to improve maintenance of equipment under the control of the ministry's departments. Secondly, to build houses inline with planning and enhance house restoration of houses that require repairs. Thirdly, increase water service assets to ensure clean and continuous water supply. Fourthly, availability of infrastructure in addressing the impact of climate change and sea level rise especially in flood mitigation and safeguarding coastal areas. Fifthly, providing and opening government lands that have potential for mixed development and finally, managing clean and sustainable environment of the waters and land areas, including cleaning the Brunei River and management of parks and landscapes.