26/03/2023  Raising a Child with Down Syndrome



​Mother's love is all the time. That is the appropriate expression to describe mothers who struggle to raise a child with special needs namely Down syndrome. In conjunction with the World Down Syndrome Day, which is celebrated every 21st March, tonight bulletin shared the story of a mother's sacrifice in raising a child with Down syndrome.


Out of many mothers in the world, Dayang Siti Zaliha binti Haji Abu Salim was selected to be one of the mothers who received this special award. She was blessed with Mahmud Syukri who was diagnosed with Down syndrome since birth.


Despite having a special child, Siti Zaliha and her husband are still grateful for this divine gift. Their efforts are not limited to nurturing Mahmud Syukri, they also complete themselves by attending a Parenting Skills Course for special children in Malaysia.


Children are a very precious gift from Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala. Regardless of the child's condition, the child still deserves the perfect love from the parents.