26/03/2023  The Art of Local Machete



​Getting involved with the art of 'Parang' or machete making since the age of six was the impetus for a local machete maker to make it as a permanent job. The art of machete making that he learned through generations make him quite well-known in producing authentic and original machete.


Awang Haji Omar bin Haji Daud's name is certainly not awkward among the fans of machete in the country. Apart from having an interest in making machete, this senior citizen also makes it as a source of sustenance to support himself and his family. Despite being 92 years old, it is not an excuse for Awang Haji Omar not to be agile and energetic in doing heavy work in producing quality machete.


According to Awang Haji Omar, from the beginning he ventured into machete making, the tools he used were not as modern as they are today. He said, with the available developments, the work of producing machete can now be done alone by taking a short time. However, to produce a quality and durable machete, the selection of suitable steel is important.


Apart from receiving orders from local residents, machetes made by Awang Haji Omar are also ordered by foreigners. According to him, the knowledge of machete making is also teach to his heirs and anyone who is interested. The nature of being tireless and wanting to defend this cultural heritage should be emulated by young people in the country.