20/11/2023  BAKAT Project


The Language and Literature Bureau in collaboration with Rimba SATU Primary School, Cluster 3 realized a project that highlights and appreciates the talent of a student with special needs through the 'Guide, Nurture, Love, Special Children' project, BAKAT which was also held in conjunction with the World Children's Day Celebration, 2023. The opening ceremony was held this morning at Rimba Satu Primary School, Cluster Three.


Awang Mohammad Bazil Wazien, a Year 4 student with special needs has potential and talent in drawing and colouring. In this BAKAT Project, the abilities and talents of Awang Mohammad Bazil Wazien are highlighted through his involvement in producing Doodle wall paintings and colouring books.


The ceremony ran concurrently with the signing of the License Agreement to Publish Works between the Language and Literature Bureau as the book publisher with Awang Mohammad Bazil Wazien as the author; the launching of BAKAT Wazien Colouring Book; BAKAT Wazien Doodle Drawing; and BAKAT Wazien Colouring Book Drawing Competition in conjunction with the World Children's Day 2023 celebration. With the implementation of this project, it will be one of the platforms to inject enthusiasm and increase self-confidence, especially students with special needs in highlighting their abilities and talents.