10/02/2024  Sports Infrastructure Facilities



Sports activities are important not only to produce quality members of society, but can also help the development of the country and further improve the image of the country. The provision of sports infrastructure facilities such as courts, fields and sports equipment plays an important role in encouraging the community to create a sports culture in the country and playing sports is also good for maintaining health.


The rental of halls for sports activities is also growing in line with the increase in number of people doing sports activities in the country. Arena Vee-Eleve in Tanjung Kajar Industrial Park, Kampung Tanah Jambu is one of the choices for those interested in playing badminton.


Sports infrastructure facilities that are built should be fully utilised by the community. With the provision of such infrastructure, it is hoped that sports will be able to be developed, especially among the young generation, making sports as a future career.