11/02/2024  Young Age is not a Barrier to Success



A young man from Temburong District began to gain a lot of attention when he managed to run 3 companies in his young age.


Aged 23, Muhammad Danial Radhi bin Kenaddy, proves that young age is not a barrier to success, especially in the field of business. The skills gained while studying at the Politeknik Brunei, gave him the advantage to lead three enterprises based on food and beverages, cafes and ATV rentals.


To make it easier to manage his three companies, this young man applies aspects of leadership and an open attitude in his daily routine.


Following the encouraging response, he is confident that his restaurant can become a destination of choice for visitors.


Despite the big challenges in the business world, this young entrepreneur remains optimistic to become a successful entrepreneur as a respond to the government's recommendations to help diversifying the economy as well as provide job opportunities for locals.