18/04/2024  Designs of 'Baju Melayu' Studs



Studs or buttons for the Baju Melayu or traditional men's Malay attire are usually made of silver, alloy or some other type of metal. However, a local entrepreneur introduced the uniqueness of Baju Melayu studs made of wood.


After producing wooden products such as key chains and notebooks, Awang Muhammad Khairi Rafie bin Haji Zulkifli tried to introduce Baju Melayu stud products. At the beginning, he was only able to produce 20 boxes before increasing production up to 50 boxes. The studs are made using Laser Engraving. It allows customers to choose the stud fashion they wish.


Baju Melayu studs made of wood are so unique because the colour of the wood is considered more nostalgic and has a Malay element.