15/06/2024  Arrival of Haj Pilgrims



Haj pilgrims under Syarikat Raudah Al-Amin were among the first group of the country's pilgrims to arrive in Arafah.


This was followed by those under Dar El Ehsan and Titian Travels. Pilgrims under Syarikat Al-Hijrah arrived at night local time. While, pilgrims under Darussalam Services, At-Taqwa Travel Tours and SCA arrived in Arafah, 15th June 2024. Several buses provided by the Haj operating companies left for Arafah according to their respective schedules. The country's haj pilgrims are in Arafah to perform the culmination of the Haj pilgrimage, which is the wuquf in Arafah.