21/06/2024  'Menyambut Ketibaan Dhuyufurrahman'



The country's haj pilgrims will return home soon. As usual their return are welcomed with gratitude and happiness. The return of haj are also a special moment. This was among the content of the Friday Sermon titled 'Menyambut Ketibaan Dhuyufurrahman'. The sermon also reminded that the celebration held to welcome the Dhuyufurrahman or the guests of Allah should be appropriate and not contradict the teachings of Islam.


Islam taught the etiquette of welcoming the haj pilgrims. First: The haj pilgrims are recommended to stop by the mosque closest to their houses to offer a Sunat prayer before stepping into their homes. Second: It is recommended to shake hands with, embrace and hug the haj pilgrims before they enter their houses. Third: Do not enter the house from the back, rather enter from the front of the house. Fourth: While entering the house, sunat for the haj pilgrims to recite a doa.