19/11/2021  Friday Sermon



Allah Subhanahu Wataala promises an increase in His favours upon His servants who are always grateful for the blessings that have been bestowed on them. Being grateful for the blessings from Allah the Almighty can save us from any harm and disaster. This was among the contents of the Friday sermon titled 'Mensyukuri Nikmat Kurniaan Allah Subhanahu Wataala' or Being Grateful for the Blessings from Allah Subhanahu Wataala'. The sermon also reminded on compliance with policies, laws and guidelines in curbing the COVID-19 outbreak during the transition phase.


According to the Imam or prayer leader, although the previously enforced control measures have been reduced, it does not mean the country is free from COVID-19. Therefore, during the transition phase, we must give our cooperation, be vigilant and always adhere to the policies, laws and guidelines set by the government in together curbing the spread of COVID-19. Muslims are also urged to always be grateful to Allah Subhanahu Wataala for all the blessings of peace, well-being and lasting prosperity, which have been bestowed on this blessed land of Brunei Darussalam.